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March 14, 2002
Jane appeared on The View. She is producing the play Necessary Targets by Eve Ensler.
At last Jane is BACK! The passion is so clear in her eyes again.
It is about time! Hopefully for more works to come!

Upcoming Events for Jane Fonda: October 29th, 2001
Jane will receive a lifetime achievemnet award,
following a screening of "Klute" at the 4th
annual Savannah Georgia Film & Video Festival

Jane has filed for divorce from her husband Ted Turner 4-19-01

Jane is appearing on stage for the "Vagina Monologues"
in New York City 2/10/01 along with Oprah Winfrey,
Calista Flockhart, Glenn Close and a hundred other women.
All the proceeds goes for the charity to stop violence towards women.

Jane has given an Atlanta hospital a $1.3 million dollar gift.
The money is to ensure the city has a "state-of-the-art" adolescent health service.
The gift will be used to consolidate reproductive health services at one hospital site,
and to expand classes to include young men and women to teach them
how to care for their reproductive health throughout their lives. -Yahoo! news

Jane was interviewed in the July-August issue
of O, Oprah's magazine. It was an excellent interview,
very insightful, touching, and extremely inspirational.
She mentioned how she would go to her grave regretting
the picture of her in Vietnam...also,
her children, her marriages, men, and being a powerful woman from the inside and out.
Check this magazine out!!
It has been the best interview with Jane yet.
One extremely powerful, strong woman to another.

The University of Missouri decided
to honor Jane Fonda and Ted Turner with the World Ecology Award,
for their dedication to environmental causes.
The University presents this award to high-profile individuals
who help raise public awareness of global ecological problems.

Jane screened a 15-minute documentary
on adolescent girls in Nigeria for an audience at the United Nations.
Jane researched and narrated the film, "Realities of Girls Lives: How We Can Act Now."
It describes the poverty facing many families in Nigeria,
Africa's most populous country, and
three projects aiming to reduce teen pregnancy and abortions.

The audience of 300 women activists, diplomats, and
UN Secretary General Kofi Annan clapped loudly when
one teenager proclaimed that no girl in her program had become pregnant
or had unsafe abortions in five years.

Thanks to Reuters Entertainment Yahoo daily news!

Jane recently made an appearance in New York
for the anniversary reunion for 9 to 5 along with costar Lily Tomlin.
When asked about her return to Hollywood her comment was,
she is not planning to go back to movies...
but it doesn't mean she never will, just no plans as of now.

Welcome home Jane Fonda!
She presented an honorary award to
Andrzej Wajda at the Academy Awards ceremony March 26, 2000.
She looked absolutely stunning!
She was sporting a new haircut and an elegant dress.
Jane retired from acting in 1992 following her marriage to Ted Turner.
I, along with many other serious movie goers, hope that she returns to the movie screen.
For a long awaited welcome home, as Billy Crystal introduced her.
Someone with that enormous talent and enhancing ability to bring characters alive
should come back to her beloved fans and astonish the world.

Pictures of Jane Fonda at the Academy Awards 2000

Jane Fonda will be presented with the
second Journal of Women's Health and Gender-Based Medicine Achievement Award.
This award is for her work promoting awareness of, and prevention of,
teenage pregnancy, on behalf of the Georgia
Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention.
The ceremony will take place June 3-6 on Hilton Head in South Carolina.

Jane will also be receiving an honorary
degree and presented with it at the comencement exercises at
Emerson College in Boston on May 15, 2000.