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Agnes of God

Jane plays a psychiatrist, investigating the case of a nun that had a baby that mysteriously died.

Any Wednesday

A 30 year old mistress of a corporate bigwig, yearns for a legitimate relationship and finds a lover. Jason Robards and Dean Jones costars.


Sci-fi classic based on a French comic by Jean Claude Forest. Barefoot in the Park
A wonderful film with Robert Redford about newlyweds that live in an apartment up many flights of stairs, with a wacky, eccentric attic neighbor. They have their squabbles but it is cute, funny, romantic comedy.

The Blue Bird

Two children set out to find the blue bird of happiness. Big cast including Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner, Cicely Tyson, Robert Morley, and Will Greer.

California Suite

Film version of Neil Simon's broadway hit. Jane plays Hannah, an editor of Newsweek coming to California to retrieve her daughter that has been living with her ex-husband played by Alan Alda.

Cat Ballou

Catherine "Cat" Ballou(Jane) is a school teacher returning home to her father's murder and two train robbers and a drunken gun fighter(Lee Marvin) that help her find the murderer and team up for a little mischief themselves.

The Chapman Report

George Cukor's film of Irving Wallace's bestseller. Jane plays Mrs. Barclay who visits a Dr. Chapman who is conducting research into the sex lives of several woman in a small town.

The Chase

Jane as Anna. Also starring Robert Redford as Anna's husband, an escaped convict. Anna is also having an affair with the son of the town's corrupt oil baron. Marlon Brando costars as the sheriff.

The China Syndrome

Kimberly Wells(Jane) is a news reporter with Michael Douglas, cameraman, that find themselves wrapped in more than what they expected with a story involving a nuclear plant. Jack Lemmon co-stars as the plant's engineer.

Circle of Love (aka La Ronde)

A Roger Vadim film. A remake of the classic 1954 French film. A woman who bedhopped between husband and lover.

Comes a Horseman

A struggling woman trying to keep her land from being taken over by a greedy cattly tycoon(Jason Robards), then by a oil company.

Coming Home

Excellent movie!! One of the most powerful movies made about Vietnam. It won 8 Academy Awards. Sally(Jane) is married to a Marine Captain (Bruce Dern) that goes to Vietnam. After he leaves she starts to discover the world and becomes independant..finding herself. Sally volunteers at a hospital and meets a paraplegic Luke(Jon Voight) that will change her life and outlook thereof. When her husband returns will anything be the same?

The Dollmaker

A poor family in Kentucky make a move to Detroit during WW2 that turns tragic and burns at your heart with sympathy. This is my all time fave Jane movie. It is a compelling story with morals to simplistic family love and what is really important in life.

A Doll's House

From the classic play by Henrik Ibsen. A model wife and mother will change the face of the typical "woman" of that era to save the health of her husband.

The Electric Horseman


Fun With Dick and Jane

Comedy with George Segal and Jane as a a suburban family going bankrupt and decide to beat the system by becoming armed robbers. Very funny!!

The Game is Over

A babied and pampered French wife falls in love with her stepson, who is about her age. Another Vadim film.

Hurry Sundown

Big costars, Diahann Carroll, Faye Dunaway, and Michael Caine. Set in Louisiana, it is a movie that explores racial hatred, corruption, theft, and arson.

In the Cool of the Day

Set in Greece, it is about a terminally ill woman and a love affair she has while on vacation. Peter Finch costars.


Jane and Vanessa Redgrave best is an undescribable, moving story. Vanessa plays Julia and also won Best Actress for this role. It explores a true testament of friendship and a break through story of two woman as main characters.

Joy House

French thriller about a gangster, women, and a shrunken head.


Jane as a hooker being stalked and Donald Sutherland the private investigator. Jane is extraordinary!

The Morning After

An alcoholic wakes up in bed with a dead guy she doesn't remember going to bed with. Is she being framed? Jeff Bridges and Raul Julia co-stars.

9 to 5

Everyone knows this movie! Jane, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton working 9-5 and the boss from hell, but how the sweet the revenge.

No Nukes

Old Gringo

On Golden Pond

A milestone movie with Jane and her father's last movie that won him his only Oscar. A truly moving, remarkable, that you can't keep the tears back. Katherine Hepburn co-stars as Henry's wife on a lake realizing their age, coming to terms with his estranged daughter.

Period Adjustment

Film version of the only comedy by Tennessee Williams. A story about two marriages, one just beginning and the other is ending. It focuses on the image that the man must show off his masculinity and the woman must be dainty and weak.


Scandalous thriller with Jane and Kris Kristofferson as a banking consultant. She is in sudden leadership of a petrochemical corporation after the recent murder of her husband.

Spirits of the Dead

The only film Jane and her brother Peter were in together. Four part anthology based on tales from Edgar Allen Poe. Vadim directed two segments.

Stanley and Iris

Jane's last far. She plays a recent widow raising two kids, one pregnant(Martha Plimpton), struggling to make ends meet. Robert De Niro, illiterate, works at the same factory and seeks Jane to teach him how to read and something else...It is very romantic!

Steelyard BluesA part-time prostitute with a bunch of misfits outwitting the law. Donald Sutherland costars.

Sunday in New York

A twenty-two year old virgin battling the question of whether she is really missing out in the world. She runs away from her finace to New York and stays with her airline pillot brother(Cliff Robertson), which is not the person to be unbiased at the moment.

Tall Story

They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

Depression-era film about desperate people exploited in a grueling dance marathon to win money. It is a excellent portrayed story so gripping, with intensity and depth, it pulls at your heart strings.

Tout Va Bien

A filmaker and his journalist wife visit a factory. The workers take over the factory in protest working conditions.

Walk on the Wildside

Jane Fonda has won 2 Oscar's. She won her first in 1971 for "Klute" and then 1978 for "Coming Home". She was nominated: 1987-"The Morning After" 1982-"On Golden Pond" 1980-"The China Syndrome" 1978-"Julia" 1970-"They Shoot Horses,Don't They" In the British Academy she won for "The China Syndrome"-1980 and "Julia"-1979. She was also nominated for an Emmy Outstanding Informational Series for "A Century of Women"-1994