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This page is going to display the supportive emails I receive.
I leave each letter anonymous unless otherwise noted in the email.

thankyou for your website. I served on the USS Chicago in the 60s where we performed duty as forward air control for the most evil atrocity in American history, or at least one of the top atrocities, and wish to God I had heard her before enlisting...She is a true American hero and deserves the medal of honor for her brave and correct actions. The idea that she hurt servicemen by trying to make us aware of what we were doing is utterly ridiculous. I am ashamed of the continuing campaign against her for speaking the truth at that time instead of honoring her as a hero of conscience. God bless Jane Fonda. I wish I could tell her this but am glad just to find a pro Jane page amongst all the pathetic hate rhetoric ones.
Love and Peace to you.

Hello! First I love you site, especially the new look, its great! Secondly I think you very brave to host a Jane site considering there are some nasty sites out there about her. I sincerely hope those people don't harass you, Jane is an amazing woman & deserves respect. She has been a huge inspiration to me. Keep up the good work.

Hi! I am also fond of Jane. I'm from Portugal and I have 4 books about her and the one Peter wrote. I also have lots and lots of pictures and movies stills that I`ve found in the net. Itīs a shame that some of her movies are not available in video for European sistem. Why did you take away those photos you use to have from her family album? regards, Ines